Standard Interiors

I was contracted to build a web-based order entry interface that tied to a preexisting FileMaker database. It required fetching some information from the database, and then sending back the contents of a form.

php, html, css, jQuery, ajax, FileMaker Pro, graphic design

01. Inception

This project was actually an idea from Standard Interiors (a client of Pacific Solutions) that Pacific Solutions was contracted to create. I am one of their in-house web developers, and so they asked if I wanted the project. Of course, it seemed an interesting challenge, so I accepted!

02. Process

I started by doing mockups of the order entry page. One challenge I encountered along the way was pulling actual images from FileMaker and displaying them on the screen. This took a bit of research and sandboxing, but I figured it out.

03. Completion

This project was relatively small in scope, so, despite some learning curves with FileMaker integrations it went fairly quickly. I am extremely happy with the finished product: the combination of colors, fonts, and shadows makes it one of my most professional-looking works to date.

04. Lessons

On the whole, the project went really well. Front-end design always happens quickly for me, but it is the back-end and FileMaker where I meet most of my challenges. One thing that went really well with the project is our communication with Standard: they were alongside us every step of the way, continually improving upon the initial functionality. This project really expanded my knowledge of (a) php cookies, which I had never created before, and (b) FileMaker container image grabs.