Lowe's Strat Project

The capstone for my degree program was to work in a team with three other people, do a semester-long analysis on a company (we chose Lowe's), and then create a strategic recommendation for them. We ended up having to deliver a 50-minute presentation to a group of 3 panelists, followed by 20 minutes of questioning.

research, teamwork, memorization, public speaking, advanced business knowledge

01. Inception

This project was, of course, initiated by the Crowell School of Business as a required part of the curriculum. We began by agreeing upon team dynamics, deciding on a company to study, and doing foundational background research on the company of choice.

02. Process

Since the study was so thorough, it took quite a bit of time to work on the project. It consumed roughly 9 hours per week for the whole of the semester (not including class time).

03. Completion

It was remarkably exciting to wrap up the project. The culmination of all of our work was expressed in the form of a fantastic presentation, and questions that we were well-equipped to field.

04. Lessons

This project certainly came with its share of challenges. Early on, we had one of our members drop out of the class, causing each of us to have to take on a greater workload. This, combined with the already-immense amount of work involved with strat, meant that we had to undergo some serious adaptations throughout the semester. This project really helped broaden my view of teamwork, and also helped me understand what kind of preparation would go into a quality corporate pitch.

Video coming soon.