Target Market Project

Though I am a management emphasis, I chose to take on a challenge in the form of Biola's marketing-emphasis Intro to Marketing course. The course was a semester-long written report called the "Target Market Project." For it, we had to research two companies (I did Staples and Office Depot), and then offer up our recommendation for a "startup" marketing plan in the same industry.

research, writing, interviewing, marketing knowledge

01. Inception

I began by choosing the companies that I wished to study. In retrospect, I probably could have chosen an industry more interesting than office-supply depots...

02. Process

The project involved a lot of research and interviews, so it took the whole of the semester. I had to do an in-depth analysis of each company's marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion), and then create one of my own.

03. Completion

By the end of the semester, I had a 60-some page nicely-formatted research project to submit. It received high marks, and I am incredibly proud of the work and knowledge that had been put into its writing.

04. Lessons

Naturally, I learned a lot about marketing over the course of the semester. I had also really never done marketing research interviews before, so that was a good experience. If I could have improved one thing, it would have been time-budgeting (something I am always getting better at).

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