Usello was actually a mini-startup that originated with me. The idea was to have a website for college students to exchange items on in a more secure manner. I brought on two other people to develop with me, and we got right up until the point of release when Facebook released a version of basically exactly what we were doing.

creativity, leadership, organization, html, css, jQuery, graphic design

01. Inception

I initially saw a need and a target market: a place like Craigslist that offered (a) far more customization to the user's preferences, and (b) far more security as would be needed by, say, a female in college.

02. Process

Since the project was still evolving, and since (at the time) I was still relatively new to html, css, and javascript, we spent several years working on and growing the project.

03. Completion

The sad thing is that we never really reached this phase in the project. Facebook released their version of "Craigslist" that offered way more customer knowledge than we could dream of, with the added benefit of having *mostly* real profiles (making it safer). We are waiting on the pivot idea.

04. Lessons

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I am a huge planner. When I have a relevant thought, I'll write it down and hash it out in detail later. This means that my ideas are great, but that they take forever to come to fruition. One thing I learned after having started the project (through a class at Biola) is that successful startups know how to develop the minimum viable product, release rapidly, and then iterate rapidly. I spent too much time in planning and development. That's a mistake I will not make again. Also: failures are not failures unless we choose to learn nothing in the process.